Information Security - Why strategic security is the only security


Digitalisation has brought the companies of today a vast range of new benefits it would not have thought possible just a few decades ago. Digital measures have the power to increase a company’s productivity, reduce its costs, improve product and service quality, and more.

But in the age of digitalisation, companies must ensure the security of their IT more than ever. Challenges are considerably increasing due to the complexity and growing number of systems and attack routes. Information is the crown jewel that attackers are targeting. More and more companies and organisations are falling victim to cyber attacks, especially also small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). It is no longer the question of whether a company will be attacked, but when. On the other hand, when it comes to information security and data protection, the demands being placed on companies nowadays are becoming more challenging with every year. Using “state-of-the-art” IT security has been incorporated into the body of European laws, such as the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), in recent years. International standards such as ISO 27001ff. define how the requirements should be implemented.

Information security and data protection are central values that are extremely relevant for business success, competitiveness and reputation. So is your company protecting itself effectively? To do this, you will need to take a strategic approach to your information security. The protection of the information in the company – whether it is the company’s own information or that of customers – is one of the main goals of information security concepts. In the absence of such an approach, companies will lack the necessary transparency and reaction speed in the event of an attack, and be unprepared for an emergency. A strategic approach, on the other hand, means an effective increase in security with the appropriate measures. Developing such precisely tailored strategies will not only create much-needed protection for your company, however; it will also cut your costs by ensuring the only solutions you use are those you actually need.

Konica Minolta - 360-degree security for your business

Konica Minolta is the right partner whose expertise gives it an overview of all relevant areas of the customer (360 degrees). Experts from the fields of printer device security, video security, IT security and data security analyse the customer’s security requirements and design a concept together for the customer’s complete security.

If you would like to ensure your company is completely secure, then Konica Minolta is the partner for you with its holistic 360° approach to information security. With our expertise we gain an overview of all relevant areas of your business. With our holistic information security approach and a variety of different consulting packages, we support you in implementing a comprehensive information security concept. Our experts in printer device security, video security, IT security and data security analyse your security requirements and work with you to design a concept for your total security.

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In the digital age, companies have to give security top priority more than ever

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The four areas of security at Konica Minolta

“The more you can do with it, the more they can do to you.” In this era of increasingly complex IT structures and across-the-board digitalisation of your activities and data, companies of all shapes and sizes are becoming stronger and more efficient – but also far more vulnerable to cyber-attacks in the form of Trojans, browser modifiers, software bundlers and other malware, capable of entering our systems using a wide range of new and unheard-of routes.

A recent survey found that the average cost of a single malware attack on a company has now passed $2.4 million. Total spending by companies on information security has risen from $102 billion to $ 124 billion in the last two years alone, and looks set to continue soaring. So is your company at risk?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably a resounding “yes”. Nearly three-quarters (74%) of companies questioned in a recent study said they had over 1,000 stale sensitive files, 21% of files nowadays are not protected in any way whatsoever, and – shockingly – 41% of companies reported they had over 1,000 sensitive files (including credit card numbers and health records) completely unprotected.

But there is hope. Integrating adequate and tailormade measures to protect you organization effectively is easier than you might think.

As an innovative IT services provider and partner, Konica Minolta offers an all-round 360-degree security concept covering all relevant fields, from IT security and information security consulting, through to security for multifunctional printing systems and video surveillance. This means you get all your security solutions from a single source- from IT Security, Information Security Consulting, Printer Device Security to Video security.


IT Security

IT environments are becoming more complex, borders are disappearing and the possibility of coming under attack is increasing. As it becomes clear that technology alone no longer provides an adequate level of protection, and interaction between people, processes and technology is becoming more necessary than ever, we work together with you to develop a strategic approach designed to give you added value, transparency, sustainability and amazing speed of response.

Information Security Consulting

The requirements of companies nowadays are becoming more demanding every year when measured in information security and data protection terms. The use of state-of-the-art IT security measures has also been incorporated into European laws, most notably the General Data Protection Regulation  or GDPR last year, and information security has become a major topic of concern for customers in all industries over the past decade. Konica Minolta is consulting clients all over the world with regards to Information Security related challenges.


Printer Device Security

Today’s multifunctional printers (MFPs) can not “only” print, copy, fax and scan documents, but also save their users time and increase productivity enormously in a wide range of different ways. Increasingly, however, MFPs are becoming the focus of hacker attacks, which are increasing in number and becoming more sophisticated. These often involve the use of entry gates previously unknown by companies in their security concepts – such as MFPs. Thus, it is hugely important to take MFPs into account when viewing your company’s security strategy.

Video Security

Companies can use video security systems to achieve greater security in the workplace and premises, buildings, production areas and elsewhere. One practical feature of the latest generation of network cameras is that they can be connected directly to the company network, allowing the existing infrastructure to be used and the cameras to be controlled via remote access.

With its  huge experience in IT security and video security, Konica Minolta is the partner you need to design, implement and operate security solutions acceptable to you and your clients, and to implement an end-to-end video system that will protect your organisation reliably and comprehensively.

360-Degree Security

Comprehensive protection for your IT data, multifunctional and video security systems

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