Workplace Hub for your industry​

Your business is as unique as the sector it is operating in. We recognise the individual challenges and provide specific end-to-end solutions with Workplace Hub such as the ones below and more!​

Local Government: Automating processes in high volume business communications​

At a time of shrinking budgets, rising costs and increasing expectations, local authorities like yours are seeking new ways to increase productivity, streamline processes and serve the public with greater speed, accuracy, efficiency and security. Thus, you face the challenge to satisfy a wider range of your residents’ needs in a much shorter time frame. ​ Workplace Hub accelerates your digital transformation, with flexible service design, automated workflows and local service.

Real Estate: Your data anywhere, anytime to stay close to your customers​

In a context where competition is very strong, where buyers and sellers are informed and expert consumers, it is essential to act quickly as soon as an opportunity arises. Your mobile workers must have tools that allow them to access to information anywhere, anytime.​ Workplace Hub integrates and manages a range of different services and solutions such as the collaboration tool Workplace Go for increased agility and flexibility of employees.

Legal: All-in-one service for secure information management​

With your business operating in the legal sector, the document is at the center of your activity. The latter very often contains sensitive information and personal data. Perfect management of your files is essential as especially SMBs are very often becoming an easy target for cyber attacks.​ Workplace Hub provides scalable services in order to strengthen security and compliance, automate your workflow for handling of legal data and documents, improve collaboration and document management and much more!

Managed Application Services

Out with daily maintenance and monitoring of your software and servers – we provide a scalable end-to-end-service for a range of business processes and applications such as:

  • Print Management: Effective cost control with optimised printing
  • Content Management: Seamless content and document management helps you mastering your business content flows

And for even more flexibility, Workplace Hub offers seamless connection to the world of Microsoft cloud applications.


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